All About Crickets Bowling

All About Crickets Bowling

The various matches among countries in the series of cricket ODI games are becoming more and more serious and exhilarating. For this reason, people from all over the world, especially those who support their own countries are now looking for accurate today match prediction for specific matches within a day.

If you are one of these people, then you are probably having a great time watching the matches between the teams and becoming more and more excited for upcoming matches, especially those that involve your most favorite teams. However, this excitement will not be able to attain its maximum if you do not know some basic information about the crickets. To help you with that, this article will discuss to you the bat and the ball of the crickets.


In crickets, bowling is the act of propelling the ball towards the wicket that is protected by the batsman. A player who is skilled in bowling is called a bowler. If a player is already skilled in bowling but is also skilled in batting, then he is called an all-rounder.

Bowling vs. Throwing

Bowling the ball is different from throwing the ball. A bowler cannot just throw the ball in whatever way he wants. There is a specific way on how the ball must by propelled towards the wicket and that is the restriction of the angle of extension of the elbow. If a ball is bowled illegally, the umpire will call it a no ball.  If the striker bowls the ball too wide that it becomes impossible for the batsman to do a proper cricket shot, then the umpire calls the bowl as a wide.

Delivery and Over

One single bowl of a ball is called a bowl or a delivery. Six of these is called an over. One bowler is allowed to do one over. After this, he must be replaced by another team mate. This means that bowlers cannot do bowling for consecutive times. However, a bowler can bowl again next after the succeeding bowler. This means that bowlers are allowed to bowl in alternative times.

Bowling Techniques

There are different strategies or techniques when it comes to bowling the ball. There are fast bowlers who rely on the speed of the ball to overrun the batsman on the other end. There are also spin bowlers who make use of spinning the bowl to deceive the batsman about the direction of the ball.

With that information in mind, you now have a lot of ideas about the cricket. So now, you should prepare yourself for the upcoming matches and then make use of the website to know today match prediction.



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