Difference between Samurai and Ninja

Difference between Samurai and Ninja

The samurai and ninja have always been part of what makes the Japanese culture unique and fascinating. These two warriors who lived in ancient times have been immortalized in novels and movies. But the immortalization of these two types of warriors have put them as if they were the same, but there are a number of differences between samurai and ninja.

Difference between Samurai and Ninja

One of the differencesbetween samurai and ninja is knowing exactly who they are. The samurai were warriors who belonged to noble classes of ancient Japanese society. On the other hand, ninjas were often mercenaries, therefore they always belonged to the lower classes of ancient Japanese society. This is the reason for the second difference between samurai and ninja. Due to the fact that they were part of the nobility, the samurai warriors wore complete kimonos which is the traditional costume of the ancient Japanese. The ninjas dressed in tight clothes and tended to be completely covered, only showing their eyes. In line with their costumes, these were colorful while those of the ninjas were black.

Another difference is the way they fought. The samurai were guided by an ancient code of ethics called bushido. They made sure to stick to certain principles while in combat. In contrast, the ninjas did not follow any code of ethics while fighting, so much that their type of combat and fight is considered unorthodox. In fact, the way ninjas fight is completely opposed to samurai. For example, samurai find fighting face to face more honorable. Ninjas specialize in espionage, sabotage, infiltration and murder. This is why ninjas use a variety of different weapons compared to samurai, an example of this are the ninja stars.

Finally, there is a difference in who they fought for. The samurai were warriors who served the emperor during feudalism, without charging for service. The ninjas served whoever was willing to pay their price. In modern times, they are hired as assassins.

In summary:

Both were warriors who lived during ancient Japanese times that have been immortalized through the years.

The samurai were nobles who followed the Bushido code when they fought. The ninjas belonged to the lower classes of Japanese society following an unorthodox style of combat.

The samurai were warriors who served the emperor without receiving payment for their services. The ninjas were mercenaries hired by whoever was to pay for their services.

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