Friday’s day and its merits

God creates what He needs and chooses from His creatures what He wants. He gave a few places greater values ​​than others, distinguished months from the twelve lunar months, preferred positive days over others … So He chose Friday the various days of the week as rendezvous you weekly for all believers, and gave him peculiarities that He has given to no different day.

“Friday is the most great and most prominent day amongst other days of the week within the eyes of God, so he has more advantage than   Aid Al-Fitr and Aid Al-Adha.  ” , Teaches us the Prophet, peace and salvation on him. (1)

Friday prayer, a divine ordinance

“O you who’ve believed, whilst we name to the prayer of the day of Friday, visit the invocation of God and depart all alternate, it’s miles an awful lot better for you, in case you knew. » (2)

Attending the Friday prayer is consequently an responsibility for each Muslim male, healthy body and spirit, responsible and resident.

The eagerness noted within the verse above does no longer consist within the manner of taking walks or strolling to the place of prayer, but as Imam Hassan Bassri teaches us, may God mercy, in the way of “going with the heart, intention and humility” (3)

On the alternative hand, the lady, the kid, the tourist and the affected person aren’t obliged to visit Friday prayers. This does now not save you the girl from going there. In the time of the Prophet (peace and advantages be upon him), the believers often attended Friday prayers and were taught via the weekly sermon which, consistent with the prophetic lifestyle, become a faculty for getting to know one’s faith and revitalizing the hearts of God’s remembrance. .

He who knows the virtues of these days will take special care to be ordinary within the fulfillment of this divine ordinance, and could continue to be attentive now not to lose a single second of this treasured day to perform the coolest works.

Some recommendations to examine for the Friday prayer

The day of Friday is a ceremonial dinner day for the believer, given this weekly meeting that brings all the devoted collectively in one frame to celebrate the workplace of prayer. And that day of birthday party, invite every faithful to be beautiful for His Lord before the birthday party of the Friday prayer. To put together for it both bodily and spiritually.

Thus, for Friday prayers, it’s miles recommended to carry out ablutions ( ghusl ), to sweep your enamel, to wear smooth garments, to fragrance oneself. According to different sources, it is also really helpful to reduce one’s nails and wear one’s great garments, specifically white-colored garments.

He is entreated to visit prayer as quickly as viable, climate allowing, to commit himself to prayer, consisting of the prayer of greeting of the mosque and supererogatory prayers, but additionally to the analyzing of the Qur’an, to the evocation of God and the invocation before the approaching of the Imam.

“On the day of Friday, the angels take location at the gates of the mosque and be aware in order the arrivals. The one who arrives early is much like one who offers a camel, a cow, a sheep, a bird, or an egg (in line with the order of arrival). When the Imam presents himself and ascends within the pulpit, the angels region their registers and concentrate to the reminder ” , teaches us the Prophet, peace and salvation on him. (four)

Among the regulations of propriety to be respected inside the mosque, it’s far beneficial now not to step over those who are seated or to position among  trustworthy by means of isolating them. And once the imam begins his sermon, you need to prevent talking and concentrate carefully to what he says. Avoid any distraction from any object. Today, there’s not anything greater ugly than a mobile smartphone ringtone throughout the Friday prayer, it deconcentrates all people, even the imam. So let’s placed out our laptops, at nice allow them to within the car, to take full gain of this second, and to soak up its advantages.

The Prophet, peace and benefits on him, encourages us on this sense: “Every man who bathes on Friday, purifies himself at pleasant, perfumes himself, then goes to the mosque to take his location with out setting apart the devoted, then completed the prayers (supererogatory) which he was destined to perform, then who is silent and listens attentively to the imam’s speech, will not do so with out seeing the sins he has devoted among the pardoned Fridays, for as a whole lot as he does now not devote capital sins. » (5)

Recommended moves at some stage in the day of Friday

It is ideal to study Surah   La Caverne   (Surah 18) at some stage in the day earlier than or the day of Friday. The Prophet, peace and benefits be upon him, says: “Whoever has study the Surah of the Cave on Friday may be enlightened with mild between the 2 Fridays” (6)

It is ideal to call abundantly blessing and peace at the Prophet , peace and benefits on him, in this day. God’s Message, peace and benefits upon him, stated, “Among the fine of your days, there may be the day of Friday. On that day Adam changed into created, and on that day he died. In nowadays will take area the blowing (in the trunk), in addition to the lightning. Multiply the prayers on me that day, for virtually your prayers are supplied to me. ” They said, “O Messenger of God, how will our prayers be provided to you as your frame is decomposed? ” . The Prophet, peace and benefits be upon him, said: “Certainly God forbade the earth to consume the body of the prophets” . (7)

It is advisable to invoke God abundantly throughout this present day, because there may be a time while the invocations are replied. The one whose prayers coincide with this second of grace, God grants him what he asks. The Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, said: “There is sincerely the day of Friday, an hour with which no Muslim servant concords, asking God, exalted be His name, a good, with out God giving him “. With his hand, the Prophet, peace and benefits upon him, made a signal that it changed into a brief time “(8). This hour has no longer been determined with precision, it’s miles said, in order that the devoted perseveres all day Friday to make invocations looking for the graces and favors of the Almighty.


Ibn al-Quiyyam, may God have mercy on him, encourages us on this manner via those phrases: ”  Friday is an afternoon of worship. It is for the times of the week, what’s Ramadan the various other months. The second wherein God, exalted be His name, hears the invocations on this day is equivalent to the night time of Destiny at some stage in the month of Ramadan ” (9)

May God permit us to multiply pious works in this blessed day. May He make the fine provision for His Satisfaction and happiness on this existence right here and within the last life.

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