What is a meme?

A meme is the word used to define concepts that are disseminated by internet. It can be a video, image, web page, hash tag, or simply a word or phrase.

The meme can spread from person to person through social networks, blogs, email, news, or other behavior based on web services.

Memes have been invading the internet for the past several years. It is very common to see them in places of entertainment or humor, in fact, many of us have taken them as part of our popular culture, but what exactly is a meme? Where do they come from? Why am I here? Where do I go? What is the meaning of life? We will try to answer these questions about memes from http://happydaysblog.com/category/meme/.

What is a meme?

Let’s take a moment seriously: Meme is a word derived from the Greek “mamma” which means “something imitated” and refers to a form of cultural propagation where people transmit social and cultural memories to each other. So, those little monkeys that we see on the internet are a way of transmitting culture and thoughts of our society through the internet.

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Yes, most of the memes that circulate in the network are meant for humor, referring to celebrities of pop culture, such as the meme of “If you know what I mean” by Mr. Bean, or the famous flame of “Ola k as”, but really the memes are not limited to that. R element are easy ways to make a message is vitalized , or objects that can be used from marketing trying to sell a product, or political propaganda, even the simple monkey with Forever Alone sad face.

Memes, being part of human culture, also live the process of natural selection, proposed by Darwin. No, we are not kidding, a meme can be extinguished in hours if it is not popularized by anyone and it dies; other memes can become an immediate success and stay for months, or years. But most die in oblivion, leaving only a trace of humor in the past.

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